The first post for a new blog.  I struggled with what I should post and what I should say.  After all, who would

care about what I had to say anyway?  That is when my wise husband asked me why I was starting the blog in the first place, and my Baby Bears reminded me that the first thing one should do when meeting new friends is to say hello and introduce yourself.  So…here it goes…

Hello!  I am a Knitting Mama Bear to three wonderful educated at home cubs.  Although my father was a knitter, I did not start knitting until after college.  My father suggested that I should not try to knit because I did not have the patience or focus needed in order to do so.  One day, a fellow teacher suggested that I come to a “knit and bitch” with the other teachers.  When I stated that I did not know how to knit, she said that I should bring yarn and needles and come anyway.  From the moment of my first cast on, I was completely smitten with knitting.

Within a month, I was taking basic patterns and changing them to better meet my needs and I everywhere I went, I had a knitting project with me.  As my Cubs watched me knit, naturally they too decided that they wanted to try the art.  As soon as they were large enough to hold a needle, I handed them yarn and taught them the basics.  Now, my children too can almost never be seen without a skein of yarn and a pair of needles in hand.

So, that is a bit about me and my knitting cubs.