G-Bear and the bags by The Knitting Mama Bear
What happens when others have more faith in our abilities than we do in ourselves?  Beauty happens.  I noticed a beautiful market bag on a friend’s page and asked for the pattern to knit a few for our new move into the city.  After playing with the pattern and various fibers, I created one that I loved using a fiber that I adored.  I must say that I love taking simple ideas and changing them to create something new that fits both my since of artistry, aesthetic sensibilities, creative nature, and yearn for something that is both useful and beautiful. 

The original few, I decided to use for my trips to the market and I resigned myself to knit a rainbow of original bags for friends for Christmas.  “Perhaps I could fill them with yummy goodies to make a fun gift for people we love,” is what I thought.  Even if my knits are not something that is quickly loved, perhaps when they see how useful it is, they could not help but love it.  And I started to knit a beautiful rainbow.

On a walk with my Baby Bears, we wandered into several art shops down town.  One shop owner was quite impressed with my bags and started asking questions about them.  She fell in love with the bags and asked if I could make them in several sizes to go with her beautiful soaps and the pottery another artist makes for the shop.  At first I said no.  No one would want to purchase the bags that I have designed and made for simple gifts for friends…right?  Who would find beauty in this?  Well, my Baby Bears do, and so do the shop owner, the lady throwing pottery in the store, as well as several customers who stopped to look at my work.

And so, this is how my art work has become commissioned to sell in a local store.  This is how I started seeing something that is done mainly for myself as being something of worth and beauty not only for my friends, but for strangers as well.  All because my Baby Bears saw beauty in my art that I could not.

Thank you Baby Bears.  This will be a grand adventure!