Uncommon Threads Sign by The Knitting Mama Bear

After deciding on a new project, the next stop is a trip to the local Yarn Shop.  This is always a big adventure in our house because of the fiber loving people who live there.  The store, “Uncommon Threads” used to be within walking distance of our new home.  They moved into a new store and we had to go check it out.  And so, the three Baby Bears packed up their knitting projects and headed out with the Mama Bear to see the new store and purchase something beautiful.

When we walked in, we were met with a huge smile from two wonderful women.  One, happened to be knitting a sock and the other worked in the shop, and had something wonderful on her needles as well.  As my Baby Bears rushed into the shop, the older ones quickly started picking up the beautiful yarn  to check for softness and feel with great delight, and the youngest Baby Bear could not stop chattering about the beauty of the colors and “fuzzy fibers”.  I started to calm the children down but was told that they were all just fine and were not bothering anyone at all.  They were encouraged to respectfully enjoy and explore the shop.

When we moved into the beautiful back room,  we were met with not only beautiful fibers, but gorgeous projects as well.  Each work was near the fiber to encourage the fiber enthusiast to create.

It was at this time that the the youngest Baby Bear noticed a set of toys.  Instead of working in a large chair with his finger knitting project, he decided that his time could best be spent playing with the toys.  He was encouraged to create his new playground on the floor of the store.
Having a calm, happy, and satisfied child while I look for the fibers I need is such a wonderful thing.  It tells me that those who run the shop have a heart, and allows me to purchase what I need without being rushed into making snap choices that would mean that I would not be happy with my art.
After explaining what I was looking for, more yarn for my bags, and one for an added project, I was shown several beautiful choices and each one was explained with such knowledge and respect.  The colors were beautiful and there was such a large selection, that I could not help but enjoy my time looking at each and every fiber choice.  Although I was there with a singular purpose, I felt my mind go wild with possible creations as I went thorough the fibers.
After choosing several beautiful yarns (more on what I picked later) I sat down to knit as my daughters were guided through the process of picking yarn for a project.  Each one was treated with such respect and caring, that they have already said that they would love to take classes at the shop (something they do offer).  After each child made their selection and talked through their project, they were lead through the process of winding their own yarn and encouraged to continue to look through the shop.
Even the Smallest Baby Bear was encouraged to wind the yarn between finger knitting and his small playground.  As we were preparing to leave, the Baby Bear was reminded, much to my delight, to pick up his toys, the girls were praised for their projects, and there were many smiles and much laughter as we prepared to leave the store.
The part that will make everyone quite happy is the end result on my bank account.  This fiber lover ended the day after spending less than $200 for…enough yarn to make a large blanket, finish my assignments for First Friday (three bags of each size, small, medium, and large), four hats, a pair of double point needles, a pair of circular needles,  sushi for four, a large coffee, and three bottles of juice, and gas for the car.  But the best part was leaving ending the day without being stressed because of a trip to a yarn shop with three Baby Bears.
If you have not visited this treasure in  York, PA, you MUST make sure that you do.  It is beautiful, positive, reasonably priced, and honestly wonderful in every way.  We will make sure to make Uncommon Threads a common place to shop.