Large Market Bag by The Knitting Mama Bear

I have been working on my lovely bags in several sizes and fibers as of late.  One bag I have made uses twice as much yarn as the standard size with smaller handles.  I have worked this bag in a lovely yarn by Cascade Yarns called Luna Paints.  This is of the lovely fibers I purchased from Uncommon Threads.  I believe I will need to review my yarn purchases soon.

In the middle of the lattice pattern, I noticed that I was coming to the end of one ball of yarn.  I knew that it would use two balls, but I felt myself panic as the ball ended in a lace pattern.  There is no way to weave in the ends!  It is cotton and felting is not an option with cotton.  So, I decided to look up and try a method that I have seen but have never tried.  It was time to pull out the Russian Join!

So, I took a deep breath and tried it with a scrap piece of yarn first.  It was shockingly easy and remarkably strong!  Here is a person showing the Russian Join.

What impressed me most about this join was the fact that it is invisible and quite strong!  The strength of a join is important to me, and doubly so when it is going to be used for market bags.  I asked my Baby Bears to try to pull the yarn apart on my test piece and they were not able to do so.  And as fr the invisibility, I dare you to try to find the join in the work!

 Without question, I will be using the Russian Join again!