Blogging and knitting by The Knitting Mama Bear

Now that the projects have been turned into the store, it is time to turn my attentions to fewer bags and more interesting and creative projects.  This does not mean that I have completely given up on making my goods for the store.  Oh no…I always have something in my travel bag to that is specifically for the store and my goal is to complete at least one per week to make sure that I keep up with my inventory.  Please, wish me luck with that ambitious goal.

What you see in the photo.  is an experiment.  I found a pattern for the “Hemlock Ring Blanket” and fell in love with the idea of taking a lace pattern and making it larger using thicker fiber and needles.  And so, I started seeing how easy it would be to follow this pattern.  I picked a yarn out of my stash and the appropriate needles and started to knit.

Within a few hours I had the heart of the Hemlock pattern and was starting to see how beautiful it could be when  knit larger.  The fiber I used is a light worsted weight corn that works well for this test.

Even unblocked and close, it seems to be a beautiful knit and an easy pattern to follow.  I do like how the simple pattern makes a flower pattern bloom before my eyes as I knit.

The next step is to find the perfect yarn to use for this project.  My goal is to have a new bright red throw (and perhaps a yellow one as well) to go with my new sunflower living room when it is completely set up.

I will make sure to keep you posted as to the progress.