DSCF0083 by The Knitting Mama Bear

I realized that it was Wednesday late Wednesday night and I hope you will forgive me for having a Thursday morning version of “What’s on My Needles Wednesday”.  Most of my Wednesday, as many days have been lately, have been spent unpacking, preparing, and renovating my new historic brownstone.  It is exciting, but at the same time it does take a lot of time and there are many days where I  do forget what the day is.

Wednesday night, I realized that I needed to post what is on my needles and quickly took these photos of the progress on my Hemlock Ring Blanket.  As you can see, it is coming along quite nicely.  I am still working on my projects for the soap shop.  Those tend to be small enough to be portable and go everywhere with me.  The blanket, stays at home where I can stretch out and enjoy the knitting down time.

The photo you are looking at is of a quarter in the middle of the center flower pattern of the blanket with a quarter in the center for perspective of size.  I am using Cascade Yarns Eco + in the colorway 0507 which is a beautiful rich red.  I purchased this from Uncommon Threads when we had our little field trip to the store.  It is a natural Peruvian Wool in a bulky weight.  Knitting with it is pretty typical of most wool fibers.  It is a bit scratchy and drying on the hands after knitting for a long time, but a bit of my favorite yarn lotion and all is well again.  It will make a wonderfully warm blanket I am sure because the weight of it now keeps my legs nice and toasty.

I am knitting it on circular needles (obviously) and so you can not see the full size or scope of the pattern.  This could be a good thing because I want to unveil its full glory when I block it.  There seems to always be a beautiful thrill when blocking a project.  It is my own personal present unwrapping moment when I steam block my project and see the full beauty of my hard work.

I am now on row 50 of the Feather and Fan portion of the blanket.  I have found it easier to place markers for each of the eight repeats for this section.  I found it easier to manage counting, finding, and fixing any mistakes with, what is now, almost 60 stitches per section, instead of over 400 stitches for the entire round.  This little trick I learned after finding mistakes the first few rounds.

The most interesting moment of knitting the blanket has been when I took it with me for a bit of down time between my daughter’s performances this past weekend.  A happy young singer bounced up to me in awe of the large “blob” I was knitting on my lap.  After looking at it for a moment, he asked me with genuine glee if I were knitting a hat.  I could not help but smile at him.  The giant blob on my lap which is being knitted in the round could only be seen as a hat by the most creative and imaginative person.  It would make the ultimate “Rastafarian Hat” for quite a fashion forward person.  Perhaps I will take the flower center (and a thinner fiber) and create a hat.

Without question, this has been quite an adventure.  I do not believe this will be the last time I use this pattern.