Soak Tattoo by The Knitting Mama Bear

What happens when knitting enthusiasts who enjoy fun are asked to review fun temporary tattoos from  one of our favorite companies?  Fun, art and silliness suddenly breaks out all over the house and town.

We have loved Soak wash for a long time.  We use their wash to wash our art and even for blocking with wonderful results.  So, when I saw they were looking for people to review a new product I had to ask for more information.   When I found out that they needed people to review their new temporary tattoos I was beyond thrilled for our family to try it.

When the package came, the Baby Bears could not wait to open the package and see what they looked like in real life.  They saw the designs on line but were quite excited to see what they looked like in person.  Needless to say, when they came across the package on the floor of the playroom, they were  thrilled and vibrating with excitement.

When the package was opened, I sat back and allowed them to enjoy the vibrant and beautiful colors.  I also wanted to see how easy it would be for them to follow the instructions without parental intervention.

They quickly read through the well written easy to understand instructions and then set about the duty of picking their first cool knitting tattoo.  

We were all quite impressed with the beautiful colors and designs.  There were designs for every sort of knitter.  In my house, we have the “goth knitter” who loves to knit with edgy designs and fibers, the “hippy knitter” who enjoys more traditional designs and organic fibers, my son who is the six year old “fiber arts cool kid” who loves all things fiber arts, and then there is me, the Mama Bear who has a real tattoo but enjoys a bit of fun and has a bit of all  three of the Baby Bear attitudes in me.

I then set them loose to apply the new tattoos.  They cut out the four chosen tattoos and we all walked to the kitchen sink.  

Saying that they were easy to apply would be an understatement.  They went on like a dream and even the smallest Baby Bear had no problems following the instructions to apply one to my foot.  They did have to be reminded to keep their hands completely dry when applying them because one mitten tattoo started to rub off before they had a chance to transfer it because of a slightly damp hand.  This is to be expected with temporary tattoos and they rolled with the punches, which is how I ended up with a knitted mitten tattoo on my foot.

When they removed the backing they were all excited and thrilled with the bright colors.  Unlike many temporary tattoos, they were even brighter after application than before!  The colors simply popped on their skin and each one was easy to see.  Many temporary tattoos have a “halo” around the image that takes away from the image.  These did not have the halo at all.  When looking at the skin, only the beautiful colorful tattoo could be seen.

The only complaint from the baby bears to the application process is the fact that the instructions are on the back of the tattoo backing.  This means when they cut out their tattoo, the instructions were cut away as well.  When I reminded them that the instructions were easy to follow, and this made less waste for Mother Earth, they perked up and said that it was a great idea.  Less trash means less for the landfill and more fun for all.

As you can see from these photos, the colors are beautiful.  The designs are whimsical and fun.  There is something for every mood and every personality.  The phrases I heard from my Baby Bears as well as those who noticed them were all quite positive.  They commented abut how bright and beautiful they are as well as how fun the designs were.  I put a small cat playing with a ball of yarn on the inside of my wrist and was told how sophisticated the design was.

So, the one huge question we had after seeing all of this beautiful art, was how long will it last?  The answer to this question is it depends.  Mine rubbed away after about a week and a half and the Baby Bears’ is still bright and beautiful.  There is a bit of wear, but they are still able to show off their tattoos with pride!

So, all in all, we would like to sing the praises of this product.  It is fun, it is beautiful, and it brings attention to the fiber arts.  Even the Papa Bear, who is not a knitter, wants to put one on.  I believe we will allow him to do so as well.  We will post about this when he does it as well as the next Soak Tattoo.