strange scarf by The Knitting Mama Bear
The Gryffindor Scarf

Hello all.  I have not abandoned this blog nor have I given up on my knitting.  Life has had a taking over in some unusual ways and I have not known exactly how to blog about it.  I was told that the best way to do anything is to just start.  So, here I am, back just starting.

The photo you see above is the start of a Gryffindor House Hogwart’s Scarf I am knitting for the Holiday season for the youngest Baby Bear.  The interesting thing is that I am knitting it with acrylic yarn on bamboo needles!

I have become such a “yarn snob” that I have stayed away from all acrylic fibers and instead opting to spend a bit more for fibers that are more natural.  This is knitted with a Lion Brand yarn called Vanna’s Choice.

Because this Baby Bear is only seven years old, I did not wish to spend over $100 on a scarf for him and needed it to be easily washable and yet warm with vibrant colors that matched what he was looking for.  This yarn fit the bill shockingly well.  As an Acrylic, I have always overlooked this yarn completely.  But, it seems that there are places and uses for this type of yarn.  I can not use my normal Chia-Goo Reds on this and had to use bamboo needles to avoid the feeling of the fibers slipping on the needles or separating as quickly knit along.

The interesting thing about this yarn is how easy it is to work with.  Unlike other acrylic yarns that are sold in chain stores, this one is not bad to knit with at all.  It is soft, bright, and easy to use with the bamboo needles.

Does this mean my yarn snobbery has dissolved and I now have a new found love of acrylics?  NO!  I will always love the feel of wonderful yarns as they slip through my fingers and look first for those for my projects.  It does mean, however, that I have found a use for even “the dreaded acrylic” as long as the right one is found.