What happens when I get an emergency phone call from Sunrise Soap Company‘s owner saying that they need more of my bath puffs immediately and less than an hour later, they sell out of all but three of my bath cloths?  It is simple, I take down what few I have left and then start knitting quickly to get them into the shop in time for “First Friday”.

I had no idea when my Baby Bears took my knitting out at Sunrise Soap’s that my beloved art would become something that anyone else in the world would ever enjoy or even want to own let alone purchase.  Now, a year later, my hobby is slowly becoming a business.

The wonderful thing about this is not the fact that I am making a bit of money doing something I enjoy doing.  What is completely astounding and beautiful to me is that others enjoy what I make with love enough to take it home and love as well.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”  

~Wayne Dyer