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When asked to knit something fun for a a raffle for the show The Wiz, I jumped at the chance.  The only hard part was what to knit and which yarn.  I settled on The Wiz themed projects and headed to my local Yarn shop to find the perfect yarn.

First I decided to knit something that was Yellow Brick Road themed.  As I looked at the beautiful colors and yarns, I decided to knit a pair of socks with Cascade Superwash 220. And because it is my trademark to never have or wear matching socks, naturally these cozy socks had to follow that same trend.   FB_IMG_1426339192841 FB_IMG_1426378101692 20150315_231354

Next I set to work on something that was Emerald City Themed.  Because I did not have move than one week to make this perfect, I decided that I should make an Emerald City Beanie.  Because I love Cascade Superwash 220 I decided to stick with that fast knitting yarn but decided to use Quatro this time in a beautiful green and silver mix. Needless to say, one of my Baby bears wishes to claim this beanie for herself.   But the Mama Bear, who knows best, is encouraging her to knit her own.  20150316_1611202015-03-16_04-21-42-1

Two knits down, and one to go, I turned to making something more colorful to represent the cute Munchkins we have in the show.  This time I turned to Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn because of the beautiful variegated colors in the yarn.  I do not believe I will ever purchase this yarn again.  I love the colors and how they slowly move from one color to another.  I also love how the yarn varies in texture and thickness.  I believe this adds a lovely rustic quality to my yarn.  The main issue I have with this yarn is the texture of the yarn as it slides through my hands while I am knitting with it.

One of the main reasons I knit is the meditative feeling that happens as I knit with a beautiful yarn.  There is something wonderful beauty in the process of knitting that only those who are knitters have found.  It is not just the beautiful projects we make that urges us on to knit, it is the click of the needles, the glide and feel of the fiber as it slides between our fingers to make a fabric seemingly out of magic.  One reason I started knitting is just this reason.  This yarn had none of the qualities I love about the fibers I choose.  It did not glide between my fingers as my needles clicked along.  It scratched and tugged.  It did knit a beautiful Munchkin Shirt, but I lost the beauty I crave when I knit.

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All three of these projects will be raffled off this weekend during the run of the show.  I hope whoever wins them will do as the tag states and WEAR IT OUT!  It was made with love, enjoy them  and feel the love with which they were made.